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The Randolph Mammoth

In May of 1934, workers using a power scraper to dig a pond at the State Fish Hatchery near Randolph made a startling discovery.  They unearthed what was later identified as the skull and tusks of a Columbian mammoth; a particularly rare find for our region.  In the days that followed, much excitement was generated in the area as locals flocked to the dig site to witness the excavation.  Soon, however, the Randolph Mammoth was crated and shipped to Albany, where it would spend several decades on display at the State Museum.

The Randolph Mammoth is one of the most complete mammoth specimens ever found in New York State; most other mammoth material is fragmentary or just a tooth from here or there.  It is a Columbian Mammoth. Both tusks together weigh about 150 lbs. The skull weighs about 200 lbs. When living, the mammoth probably stood about 14 feet high at the shoulder.

Stop by the NYS DEC Randolph Hatchery, where the mammoth was discovered.You can also get a tour of the facility!